Alex McKendrick

Alex McKendrick

My favourite sport

My sport is football, however myself and Jonas we’ll disagree until the cows come home about which is the best team. He knows it’s Luton Town FC deep down.

Holiday destination

I am happy to go anywhere with a bit of sun!

What I studied

I studied sports coaching and science at the University of Central Lancashire. I always wanted to work in the fitness/leisure industry and my degree has enabled me to do so.

What I do at Your Move

I am one of the exercise referral officers in the Your Move team. The majority of people that are referred in the Fylde for exercise will more than likely see me. As we offer such a variety of different activities I like to believe there is something for everyone so do not rule yourself out of anything before you come in for a chat.

What I like about working here

Without a doubt, the thing I like most about working on the Your Move scheme is how rewarding it can be. When you see such a positive transformation in people’s lives both mentally and physically there is nothing better. Working here for a number of years, I have seen how the 12 weeks can be a major stepping stone for people to implement physical activity into their lifestyle.

About Us

The YMCA on the Fylde Coast is very unique. As well as having our own health and fitness centres, we work in partnership with Wyre and Fylde Borough Councils and have been commissioned by Lancashire County Council and Fylde and Wyre CCG, to ensure all members of our community have access to superb facilities and programmes, so we can all enjoy and benefit from an active lifestyle.

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