Before the Sportivate Programme, I was in a much different position both mentally and physically then I currently am after the programme. I didn’t really do a lot of exercise and was very inactive, I also found it hard to meet new people and going anywhere new was something that I tried to avoid. This is why it was nice joining the programme and since I joined that has all changed, I’ve met loads of new people every time I got to the gym I love it and defiantly would recommend the YMCA to anyone.

The programme was really good. On the first day, I arrived at Fleetwood YMCA and I thought that everyone would be staring at me because I was new but that didn’t happen and at the end of the induction everyone made me feel welcome and were always there to help me when I had any question or worries. The best thing I found about the programme was my own personal fitness plan which was brilliant, it really made me want to push myself. I have really benefited from the programme and I feel much healthier, fitter and my health has got much better. Finally, I would like to thank all of the staff at Fleetwood YMCA.


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The YMCA on the Fylde Coast is very unique. As well as having our own health and fitness centres, we work in partnership with Wyre and Fylde Borough Councils and have been commissioned by Lancashire County Council and Fylde and Wyre CCG, to ensure all members of our community have access to superb facilities and programmes, so we can all enjoy and benefit from an active lifestyle.

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