You’re already on the right track by being here. By making it this far we know you are already going to complete our Couch to 5K programme.

Completing our sign up form shows us you’ve got what it takes. You’re ready to begin your 5K journey. 

The programme is simple. A 9 week plan where you will be running 3 times a week and by the end of the programme you’ll be running for half an hour, or approximately 5K, and as the name suggests this is for anyone, no matter what your current fitness level may be. 

Don’t worry if you’re slightly nervous, you wouldn’t be the first person. Our dedicated and friendly run leaders will be there to help you and are on stand by to answer any of your running questions.

How much does it cost we hear you ask? To all our YMCA Fylde Coast Leisure members our Couch to 5K programmes are completely FREE, however some of our sessions do come at a little, tiny and very small cost of £2.00 for non-members!