New to Yoga? A certified pro? Looking for a different way to exercise? It doesn’t matter what your ability level may be, you’re welcome to come to Your Yoga Weekend at YMCA Thornton

As we are looking to expand our yoga services across the Fylde Coast, we will be charging a small cost of £5.oo which will go towards purchasing new yoga equipment. 

Come and join us on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st for a weekend of different styles of yoga. 


This type of yoga is perfect for anyone who is looking to start yoga for the first time. Alternatively as good if you are wanting to improve your technique.


A little bit more intense than Gentle Yoga but just as enjoyable. This slightly more demanding yoga focuses on continuous flowing movements.


We don’t have to explain this one too much! Perfect for anyone looking to get active, socialise and learn about chair based yoga techniques.


To book onto any or all of our yoga classes please call us on 01253 882105 to book your place today!

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